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Notebooks for mums

Sanity-saving journals for every stage of motherhood


The New Mum's Notebook

0-12 months


What do new mums want most of all (apart from sleep)? They want someone to tell them what they're feeling is 'normal.' That they're doing ok. That THEY will be ok.

The New Mum's Notebook does all of this and more. From night feeds, napping and weaning, to which films to cue up on Netflix, finding some headspace and getting all the support, coffee and cake you need, I've been there – and this is the book I wish I'd had by my side.

The New Mum's Notebook's primary aim is to normalise everything a new mum may be feeling. It encourages her to lower her expectations and continually reassures her that anything goes in that first year; there is no 'right' way to do things – only HER way. A daily companion, divided into the first 12 months of motherhood, with 304 pages of reassurance, love and humour, The New Mum’s Notebook will nurture a new mum in however she chooses to raise her baby. Whether it’s her first or her fifth.

Word on the street is it’s almost worth having another baby for...

  • 304 colour pages including articles, journal pages, affirmations, simple recipes and blank notes pages
  • Divided into 12 months to address each stage
  • 12 months of milestone charts for mum and baby
  • Eight journal pages per month with space to write notes, thoughts, memories and those to-dos, which so easily slip a new mum's mind!
  • Perfect gift for expectant mothers and new mums.
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The Not-So-New Mum's Notebook

1-5 years


Life with a toddler, threenager or preschooler in tow can be a real rollercoaster and every mum sometimes needs a little encouragement or a moment of reflection.

The Not-So-New Mum’s Notebook is the follow-up to the popular first instalment, The New Mum’s Notebook, for all you mums during those wonderfully funny, but often tricky, early years from one to five, before your child starts school.

With pages and pages of reassurance, self-care and space to write down all your thoughts and memories, The Not-So-New Mum’s Notebook will prompt you to think about you whilst caring for others and make you feel good about yourself and how you’re already raising your child.

You’re a great mum. Just as you are.

  • 400 colour pages including articles, journal pages, affirmations and recipes
  • Start the Notebook at any age (1-5), use the contents page to dip in and out
  • Four years of milestone charts
  • Journal pages throughout with space to write notes, memories and those to-dos, which so easily slip a new mum's mind!
  • Perfect '1st birthday' gift for a mum wishing to record the next part of her motherhood journey
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The School Mum's Notebook

4-5 years (The first year)


Sending your child off to school can feel like the end of an era; lots of mums naturally feel very anxious. I've done the first year at primary school three times now; in this organiser is everything I wish I'd known.

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Settling your child in. Making friends. The crazy language of phonics. Supporting their learning at home. Who's reading better than who. And how many extra curricular activities does your child really need to do? There’s so much to grasp and it can feel overwhelming.

The School Mum's Notebook will help you see that every child's school journey is wonderfully unique and each learns at their own pace. It will give you advice on preparing for that first day, surviving the first year and everything that comes in between, with pages of reassurance, tips and self-care as well as a diary page for every week of the school year, to keep you organised.

This is the beginning of a truly amazing chapter for you both. You are about to see things you didn’t even know your child was capable of.

And you have the best seat in the house.

  • Over 200 colour pages including articles, diary pages, affirmations and simple recipes.
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  • For mums in the first year of primary school
  • Divided into the three terms of the school year
  • Start the Notebook at ANY point and use the contents page to dip in and out
  • 38 double-spread diary pages for every week (Mon-Sun) of the school year
  • Not just for 'first time' new school mums but any mum starting school with a sibling, who wants a refresher or keepsake record
  • Perfect 'starting school' gift from partners, grandparents or anyone wishing to mark this special time in a mum and child's life
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I'm Amy, mum of three, writer, author of the Notebooks For Mums series including the bestselling, The New Mum's Notebook and blogger at Surviving Motherhood.

I created Notebooks for Mums because every stage of motherhood is so new and challenging in its own way. It's a calm blue sea one day and a raging stormy ocean the next and no matter how long we do it, we often feel a little like a fish out of water.

It must be the only job where practice doesn’t always make perfect because we’re dealing with small human beings with beautiful minds of their own. The tide is always changing. As quickly as we get used to one stage, in a flash it’s gone and we're cresting the wave of the next and clinging on for dear life.

I believe that every mum deserves the support and reassurance to know that she's a great mum, just as she is, and that the motherhood journey, whilst always our own, is most enlightening when we travel it together.

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What our readers say

"It is hands down THE best book I was given as a new mum. I feel it should be issued to all mums on leaving hospital."

"This book is absolutely brilliant, I heard about it on Radio 2. I just wish it had been written when I had had my daughter."

"So honest and reassuring. This helped me a great deal."

"As a mother of four, I can safely say this is THE MOST ESSENTIAL present for any mother; first timers to bold fourth timers!"

"Amy writes as though she’s a friend and it’s nice not to feel alone in the craziness that can be parenting a toddler."

"Everyone who has a tiny version of themselves pulling on their trousers, demanding snacks should have one of these!!!"