The New Mum's Notebook in the media

  • Baby London

    News - More Than Words
    May/June 2017

  • Gurgle

    New Arrivals - Take Note
    May 2017

  • Love for the Mama chats to Amy Ransom

    10 February 2017

  • GQ 'Dads'

    How to support your partner through PND
    18 January 2017

  • Absolutely Mama

    The Fourth Trimester
    Jan/Feb 2017

  • Mail on Sunday

    Health section
    11 October 2016

  • The Interview: Amy Ransom

    Maternity Leave Life
    26 September 2016

  • IMO chats to: Writer Amy Ransom

    Its Mostly Okay
    19 September 2016

Press releases

  • Mum uses PND experience to create journal for new mums

    5 October 2016

  • Book launch

    21 September 2016

Amy on the box

Sky News, September 2016

BBC News, February 2015

ITV This Morning, February 2015

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